Smart Vision International (SVI) is one of the world’s foremost conveners of Sustainable Smart City and Transport Integration Forums  Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars, and workshops world-wide.

                Connecting the World's Smart                                        Sustainable Cities                         Organisation & Leaders  

Smart Vision International (SVI) is a global leader in providing high quality consulting services in all major fields associated with sustainable smart cities and transport integration, as well as providing science, technology and digital marketing for the hospitality industry and government. SVI has a 16-year history of results-driven service for our community and customers. 

As a key element of our consulting services, SVI has convened a range of high-quality international congresses, conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions using its highly experienced team.

The SVI Team inspires the global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

The Smart Vision International (SVI) has produced a total of 28 Global MICE Business Conferences since they were born in 2002. The program has grown to include Five Yearly Conferences:  The Real Estate and Development, Road Safety, New Urbanism and Smart Transport, Smart Liveable Cities and Sustainable Integrated Cities.

We pioneered broadcast email services as a communication tool to reach the important market categories of global community, organisations, government and private sectors, most innovative business Leaders, associations, decision makers and many more... to address critical issues, as an innovative technology leading to change in people’s energy-related behaviour in tackling climate challenges and sustainability.

Key themes to explore: 

- Achieving sustainability liveability and resilience through a multidisciplinary approach;

 - The contribution emerging technologies can make toward fostering liveability and resilience;-

The bigger picture of resilience - climate change, liveability, mobility and community building; 

- Breaking Down Barriers.